Finishing Services

Based out of Jamestown, NY, our industrial powder coating and assembly facility is equipped to service your finishing needs. Our team is committed to providing a front-to-end quality service, and the finishing touches are never overlooked.


Dawson offers powder coating solutions to all products, in a three-stage bonderizing process consisting of detergent (iron phosphate), a cold water rinse, and a non-chrome seal rinse. Mechanically fastened sheet metal components are applied to pre- and post-painted products.

Equipment & Processes:

  • Automated GAT systems paint line
  • Deimco roll-off powder coating booth
  • Fremont spray wand phosphating system 
  • Off-line batch booths
  • Custom finishes
  • Salt spray testing
  • Manual powder coating
  • Silk-screening and stenciling
  • Batch spray booths & oven


Our automated paint line is easily adapted to accommodate wet painting, to meet product specifications. Apply a water-based paint finish or solvent-based paint for common silk screens, metal, plastic or military spec projects. A newly installed open-ended wet paint spray booth and batch oven, are also optional for low volume projects.

Mechanically fastened sheet metal components are applied to pre- and post-painted products.


Dawson dedicates over 10,000 square feet to a dedicated clean pack room with blacklight inspection, assembly room, and parking areas, to ensure the utmost cleanliness of parts. Parts are cleaned, bagged, ready for shipping, and introduction to cleanroom environments. Dawson will follow any customer-specific packaging requirements and are attuned to routinely packing and labeling with special barcoding per customer specifications. Once packed, common or local dedicated carriers ship your project throughout the country.

 Available Services & Capabilities:

  • Hardware mounting
  • Door mounting
  • Internal component installation
  • Hand adjustments on close tolerance products
  • Kitting
  • Complex cabinets
  • Dust-free assembly areas
  • Electronic component integration and wiring harness installations are available


Dawson’s highly skilled team extends their expertise to metal cutting, bending, welding, and finishing, creating close tolerance, custom metal fabrications that meet or exceed your expectations. 


Turnkey Conception and Manufacturing

Dawson’s highly skilled team of engineers assist in all aspects of manufacturing and customer support, bringing structure to your metal ideas and needs. Our team is attuned to looking for and suggesting ideas, to drive your costs down while maintaining the highest quality.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Facilities

Craftsmanship combined with best-in-class equipment, is the Dawson formula for exceptional engineering and quality manufacturing, with each customer’s dedicated engineer working diligently to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

ISO Certified Since 1999

Through annual auditing, Dawson has been able to successfully maintain its ISO certification over two decades. We are proudly certified to several accreditations that signify our robust operations and are dedicated to routine procedures that maintain them.



Dawson’s facilities house several state-of-the-art lasers, with full sheet stock cutting capabilities.


Complex sheet metal component shapes are achieved through precise, programmed machinery.


Our equipment utilizes a superior and more efficient air bending technique for seamless pieces.


A full range of mechanical fastening options is available to achieve your project’s requirements.


One of our many welding fabrication techniques is applied to fuse your creation together.


A variety of decorative and non-decorative finishings are offered to customize Dawson products.


Our in-house, high-performance machine tool, meets the precise requirements needed to produce the high-quality parts you demand.


Dawson operates leanly with work stations and equipment arranged to accommodate a one-piece flow, for efficient manufacturing and quality assurance.


Reviews, inspections, and tests are conducted at appropriate stages to verify that the requirements have been met. 


Tell us about your project or business opportunity. Our team would be pleased to answer your most important questions and get your project on track with your timeline.